Don't Be A Diva - Diva & Gabriella

Maten och Livet - Jennie & Diana

Mellan Himmel och Jord - JLC

Mitt i Livet - Malin & Jessica

My Indian Life - Kalki

Nu Ska Du Få Höra - Malin & Anitha

Pillowtalk - Peg & Penny

Smak På Livet - Klara & Cattis

Vägen Mot Paradiset - Johannes Cullberg


Hi there! We're Newi. We're a podcast- and influencer agency that aims to create the greatest audio experiences out there. And together with our friends that you saw above we've been a
driving force in the "pod-culture" and produced some of the highest rated premium podcasts in India and Sweden. Together with these social media influencers, we tailor and deliver impressive collaborations that lets your brand become part of the conversation among millennials.


Why is audio the next frontier? Well, the Western trend has shown us that there is a huge demand for longer and more conversational content. 25% of the population are already hooked and spend on average six hours a week listening to podcasts! This is the fastest growth of media-consumption we've seen since the web browser. And advertisers love this. Podcasting in its nature is an intimate and authentic way of conveying a message trough word of mouth at scale, with
the podcast hosts as your brand ambassador.


Do you have an idea for a podcast show that you think could be the next big thing? Then we would love to hear from you. We are always looking for new talent to partner with. We help influencers with all the technical stuff, brainstorm their content and share our expertise on how to reach the hearts and ears of a mass audience with strategic branding and storytelling.


We are Victor & Hanna. We are the founders of Newi Media. And yeah, we're both from Sweden and have found ourselves a home in India.

Victor has a background in influencer marketing and has been working with some of the biggest profiles in the Nordics. Hanna runs a brand agency, and has seven years of experience working and hosting profiles, companies and events in India. Together we bridge our expertise from the west with our local network and cultural knowledge of the east.


Are you curious about what we can do for your brand and how our profiles and podcasts fits into your marketing strategy?
Don't be shy to get in touch.

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